LAYR FRAGRANCE - Bundle 3 City Whisperer Collection Extrait De Parfum

Rp 987.000
"The City Whisperer Collection is the dark side version of Layr, representing the chatter of the city with the embodiment of The Sensual Fun-seeker, the Art Enthusiast, and the Chill Wanderer.

1. Velvet Dream: The Sensual Fun-seeker
Immerse yourself in the nightlife with a playful grin as Velvet Dream captivates your senses. This fragrance exudes the essence of mischievous fun, filling the air with the alluring scent of black cherries.

2. Kyoto Jazz: The Art Enthusiast
Kyoto Jazz is a fragrance that evokes the spirit of artistic exploration in Kyoto. It sparks creativity and encourages individuals to paint lasting memories in the city. With main notes of matcha and yuzu, this scent is an ode to artistic expression.

3. Chronic Tonic: The Chill Wanderer
Chronic Tonic transcends the ordinary, transporting you into the realm of imagination. This unique fragrance blend is an invitation to a world where cinnamon and sandalwood intertwine, creating an unforgettable olfactory experience.

BPOM: NA18230603314, NA18230603313, NA18230603312


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Spray Layr on your pulse points or even liberally onto bare skin. Layr is an Extrait de Parfum with high concentration. A little goes a long way.