LAYR FRAGRANCE - Bundle 3 Basic Collection Extrait De Parfum

Rp 747.000
"The Basic Collection is a must-have for everyone because it's a greeting from Layr, introducing an olfactory experience that no one has ever had before.

1. Second Skin: Floral & Citrusy (Skin Scent Feels)
A fragrance designed to mimic your unique scent. Wearing your true scent is like showing your true colors. With that in mind, this fragrance is created to make the wearer feel more comfortable in their own skin without overshadowing their real personality.

2. Get Naked: Soapy & Aromatic
A fragrance that inspires you to follow your strongest intuition. To be naked means to be the realest you and that is how people will notice. This fragrance is a bottled memory of the most special thing about you: your sense of self. With every spray, you can embody yourself to the fullest.

3. Midnight Haze: Floral & Woody
A fragrance that captures the feeling of your late night thoughts. It is deep, dreamy, and unlocks a chamber of imagination within you. It is a scent that translates the deep thinker... With every spray, comes a mystery being solved.

BPOM: NA18230600656, NA18220604303, NA18230600020


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Spray Layr on your pulse points or even liberally onto bare skin. Layr is an Extrait de Parfum with high concentration. A little goes a long way.