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 is a fragrance that inspires you to follow your strongest  intuition. To be naked means to be the realest you and that is how people will notice. This fragrance is a bottled memory of the most special thing about you : your sense of self. With every spray, you can embody yourself to the fullest. 

It evokes yourself so deeply, that you will release your charm for others to catch. This is the tenacity you’ve been longing for that makes you ready to Get Naked.

A fragrance dedicated to build the confidence in you and give your strongest allure.


Fragrance Architecture : 

Top: Tobacco, Green Pear, Violet, Orange, Petitgrain, Galbanum, Pine. 
Middle: Magnolia, Sandalwood, Rose, Pineapple, Lavender, Geranium, Freesia.
Bottom: Amber, Cedar, Musk, Patchouli, Leather, Moss, Tonka.
Highlight Ingredient: Tobacco, Musk, Magnolia, Leather.


Layers of Memory:

Get Naked is created with layers of memories, like.. the scent of Musk that evokes the “animalic” side in you that gets you wild and free for three nights in a row. A touch of Tobacco that lingers in your hair after those sleepless nights at an Old Motel that you found when the clock ticks 3am. A surge of Leather and Magnolia that transports you back to your car’s backseat when you and your lover first did it. If you long to make a lasting impression, this is for you.

Olfactory Purpose :

For lasting first impressions, bar nights, and an unforgettable time.

*BPOM NA18230600020*



Spray Layr on your pulse points or even liberally onto bare skin. Layr is an Extrait de Parfum with high concentration. A little goes a long way.